• BillBio2
    Bill Nightingale

    Chairman/Media Strategy

    Bill trained in media at McCannErickson, and has served as media director at three agencies. A statesman of the industry, he is an innovative problem solver for whom the word “impossible” is an irresistible invitation.

    He is a graduate of Horace Mann and Yale, and an active member of their alumni boards.

  • AngelaBio
    Angela Cason


    The typical agency division between creatives and strategists never made sense to Angela, so she ignored it, and always worked as both account and creative. As a result, she’s a compulsive marketer with a human perspective.

  • Tom Bio
    Tom Marchini

    Vice President/Creative Director

    No one knows more about making things beautiful than Tom. As the chief Art Director first on Estee Lauder, then Revlon, he has worked with the most beautiful women and the most talented photographers in the world.

    Everything he touches he improves, and everyone who works with him comes away better for the experience.

  • jay
    Jay Lundeen

    Account Supervisor

    Jay is a natural salesman, which makes him a great marketer. Whether its drilling down through the data or shilling cheese from a food truck  he takes it in stride. When you meet him, check out the socks.

  • AttieBioPage

    Chief Attitude Officer

    Attie spreads cheer through her personal appearances on the Upper West Side, drawing the attention and admiration of passing celebs including Paul McCartney, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Jessica Parker and Alec Baldwin.

    As Chief Attitude Officer of CasonNightingale, her virtual presence serves as a reminder that, though we are profoundly human, our good parts are canine.